September 20, 2017

Season One Begins!

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Join Us

Join us in cheering on our participants as they grow, learn, and change their lives!

Our Participants

Season one will feature 12-15 participants working with our team of professionals.  Each one will be given an opportunity to discover a new direction for their lives.  If this sounds like something that you desire, apply to be on Happenstance! 

Keep Up

Keep up with the show and our cast.  The Happenstance team posts multiple times a week so don’t forget to follow our social media pages, sign up for the newsletter, and enjoy becoming a part of what’s next!

Season One

Coming Fall 2017

Happenstance is an original, captivating program where life changing events will occur!  Our participants will be given a second chance…a do over to see how and where they can improve their lives.  This once in a lifetime opportunity will allow each individual to truly discover the direction they desire their life to take, and with the help of experts, realize their true potential.

Join us for an engaging season that you can relate to, support, and understand.

The countdown to season one has begun!

Amy with a Happenstance Participant

Happenstance’s Creator-Executive Producer and Host, Amy Moore Gerber and Executive Producer, Matthew Gerber

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