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Happenstance is an up and coming reality series where our participants get an opportunity to work with our host, Amy Moore Gerber, and her team of experts to not just improve their lives, but also to take the chance to change their lives.  Ultimately their journey and what it will mean will be up to each one of them. We do not believe that it works to force someone to decide how much they really want to grow and learn from their past; although Happenstance has the resources, it will be up to each participant to choose to make the most of this opportunity.  For some this will be harder than others, but in the end, the goal is for them to find the peace and healing with their past that they desire.  By doing so, they are now able to create the life they truly want to live by closing the door on the past and opening a new door for the future.

The saying, “you have to start right where you are” is exactly where we will begin with our participants at Happenstance.  We will go through some lows and highs together on this journey: but know we are committed to helping you get from point A to point Z.

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A Tale of Happenstance

In 2013, Amy decided to pursue being a creator and producer. Persistence, hard work, and passion were essential in developing her first undertaking – a reality documentary series called Happenstance. As with any new endeavor, there have been a lot of steps and obstacles to overcome in order to get to the production of our show. From originally filming and creating YouTube videos in her home with participants to eventually relocating from Pennsylvania to California, Amy has continued forward as if success is inevitable. Now her vision has become reality, and her team is preparing for season one of the reality show, Happenstance.

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During the fall of 2015, Amy officially began filming with Happenstance’s participants at her house on a “pilot run.”  Within a short few months she realized that she had gained an international public interest around the stories on the Happenstance YouTube channel.  She then decided to continue to pursue her work in CA where she has continued to create the series for a later date.  We have created a portfolio that contains some of the videos where everything began at Happenstance…

In August, 2016, Happenstance Charitable Foundation, Inc., was formed.  Happenstance Foundation envisions a world where all families, individuals, and animals are treated with compassion and respect, have the opportunity to realize their potential, create change in their lives, and pay it forward for those in need.  To learn more about our charity, www.happenstancefoundation.org

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