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Happenstance presents an exciting opportunity for you or someone that you know to participate on our show where life changing events WILL occur!

In our lives, we often wonder what IF certain circumstances had transpired differently. What IF you REALLY had an opportunity for a DO OVER?

We all have what ifs in our lives that sometimes make us, but MORE than often we wonder if they break us…

At Happenstance, we are providing you with an opportunity to see where and how you can IMPROVE YOUR LIFE! Hopefully with this second chance you will be able to DISCOVER the directions that you desire YOUR LIFE to take. You WON’T be doing this alone because our team of experts will be helping you determine and ultimately reveal the best version of yourself that you will be.

By joining us and becoming a part of this mission, you will be able to create a new chapter in your life, and TRULY be able to know what it MEANS to be the best version of YOU! At times, it will be challenging, but in the end, you will confirm that Happenstance is the place where all of your dreams do come true!

This is your INVITATION to become a part of the next BIG THING: let the fun begin while we work towards YOUR FUTURE and YOUR DREAMS TOGETHER!

Life Changing

Life changing events will happen, and while it may be challenging at times, we are confident that in the end you will agree that Happenstance makes dreams come true!

Tools for Success

With ambition, perseverance, and our team, you will be able to create a new chapter in your life, and truly be able to know what it means to be the best version of yourself. We provide the tools and resources; you bring the desire to change!

Believe and Achieve

We think that passionate people who design success from failures can make the impossible happen. So let’s begin working towards achieving your goals together! 

Followed by Thousands

Happenstance has been praised in blogs and other social media sites, mostly in relation to the life changing opportunities our show provides, and we try to keep our 100,000+ followers up to date every week.

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Reality TV at its Best

Reality TV at its BEST!  Happenstance is an original, captivating program.  The stories that we share are engaging with our audience.  Welcome to a place where you can watch, relate, support, understand, and get behind our show’s participants!

Not Your Average Show

Participants will team up with our host, Amy Moore Gerber, and her team of experts to not just transform their lives, but also to make life long changes.  What happens during their time on Happenstance will be an adventure full of twists and turns with the ultimate goal in mind: to improve their lives.



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